What To Do After A Truck Accident

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You are driving down an Atlanta highway and out of nowhere you are struck by a large Truck. The next steps you take could make all the difference in protecting you, your family and ensuring you get the compensation that you deserve.  All accidents can be traumatizing but an accident involving a truck can be life changing.  Here are seven important things you can do to.

FIRST:  No matter what, stay at the scene.  If you do leave the scene of the collision then it could imply guilt as well as resulting in a criminal charge against you. 

SECOND:  Be sure you call 911 and report the collision.  This is especially important if you or
another person is injured.

THIRD:  Under no circumstances, do you apologize or say “I’m sorry.”  This can be construed as an admission of guilt against you.  If possible, ensure that the police officer has the right facts and does not in any way put your apology in the police report. 

FOURTH:  You should not have any conversations or limit the conversations about the collision with the other party. The other party could attempt to talk to you and ask you what happened. Keep it polite, get the insurance information and remain silent until the police arrive.

FIFTH:  Make sure you take some time to take pictures of the scene.  Video is even better, so take time to take videos the scene as well.  See if you can take pictures of both your car and the truck. Take pictures of the truck’s license plate, DOT number, and any business names printed on the truck and/or trailer. Try to take video of the surroundings if possible. 

SIXTH:  If injured, do not move around. Stay in your vehicle until the First Responders arrive. Very often a person’s back or neck is injured after an accident, especially one involving a truck. These types of injuries can be made more severe and even permanent if you move around after the collision.  Take some time to assess how you feel.  If you think you may be injured, do not move and do not get outside your vehicle.  Stay inside and let the First Responders take you to the hospital.

SEVENTH:  Do not speak to the other party’s insurance company.  Chances are they will document your statement on a recorded line.  They are not on your side and will likely ask questions that may imply you are guilty.  This information can later be used against you.  Again, do not talk to the other party’s insurance company. 

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure you contact attorney John Adkins.  Adkins Law Firm is experienced in all matters relating to personal injury claims and particularly car and truck collisions. 

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident and are feeling a little lost about what to do regarding your injuries and communicating with your insurance provider, contact us today!  With a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding that being involved in a truck wreck is likely to be a stressful and troubling time for you, we’re here to help you set things straight. 

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