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It is always a wise decision to hire a lawyer as your representative. You might not know if you should hire a lawyer after a car accident. Car accidents or Car Accidents can be more complicated than they seem on the surface. However, there might be a case that is relatively straightforward and you feel you are able to handle it on your own. You should speak with a lawyer immediately after an accident, regardless of whether this is your case.

404 Hurt Law can be reached at 404-487-8529. The consultation is completely free with us. Many people in Atlanta, GA have been helped by us to get fair settlements in car accident cases. You can then decide whether you want to hire someone to assist you in obtaining the best compensation for your accident.

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First, you need to decide whether or not you wish to have an attorney represent your case in a car accident. Statistics show that people who are representing themselves in car accident cases are paid less than those who have a lawyer. Because they know that lawyers are more likely to win cases, insurance agents will try to settle the matter with you before you hire a wreck attorney. There are situations when it may be more advantageous to settle your case on your own. To prepare your case for this route, you should consult all resources, including this book by 404 Hurt law.

Even if you feel confident representing yourself, there are some situations where it is a good idea to hire a lawyer.
If you are sustained serious injuries or property damage as a result of the accident.

  • The accident may have been caused by more than one party.
  • The insurance company offered you a lower price than you would get from an attorney.
  • Accident was caused by negligence or actions of a corporation or government agency.
  • The accident caused injuries or death of a loved one.

An experienced car accident lawyer can help you get the highest settlement amount. These lawyers have years of experience that is unmatched by most others who do not practice law professionally.

Hire a lawyer immediately if you decide that a lawyer would be the right choice. It is important to weigh your options and not rush to make a decision. However, it is better to hire a lawyer sooner than later. Your case is important and your lawyer should be involved as soon as possible. They can assist you in gathering information about medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle repairs, and other costs. They will be able show you if injuries get worse or if it costs more to fix or repair than expected. They will be there to help you with your insurance company. Insurance agents will continue to contact you with their constant attempts to lower your settlement and get you settled quickly. The amount they offer will be only a fraction of the help a lawyer can provide. Before you ever speak with an insurance company, it is important to consult your lawyer.

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You have been in an accident with an auto after you feel safe and sound, you should consider whether you will need a lawyer. You may be able to represent yourself in certain situations. Attorney representation is essential for serious accidents and accidents that have multiple causes. It is better to hire a lawyer immediately than wait until the case has been resolved. 404 Hurt Law is available to help you if you decide to hire an attorney.

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