Typical Life Cycle of a Personal Injury Case in Atlanta, Georgia


While personal injury cases are unique to the circumstances under which the injured party finds themselves, it is important for you to be aware about the general timelines of events for a typical personal injury claim. These steps are a guide only and we always recommend that individual legal advice and representation is sought for your specific case.

1. Hiring a lawyer

The first step you’ll need to take after becoming injured in an accident is to engage an attorney to act on your behalf. Your attorney will take the initial steps for contacting the insurance company on your behalf and communicating with them to clearly explain your injuries and damages.

2. Build your case

Together with your attorney, documents relating to the accident, including police or hospital records, will need to be collected. It is generally advised to undertake this step after you have completed treating with your doctor or discover that you have a permanent injury.

3. Settlement negotiation

After your legal team determines the claim amount, they’ll enter into negotiations with the insurance company until an agreed settlement amount is reached. Most cases end here, but if the insurance company is not acting reasonably, your attorney can file a lawsuit which will force them to take your case seriously.

4. Trial & verdict

Where mediation and negotiation attempts fail, some claims will be forced to proceed to trial. Throughout the trial, settlement is still an option, however if settlement is not reached during the trial, the jury will deliver their verdict.

5. Payment occurs

Payments are generally made by the insurance company in lump sum after a settlement agreement has been reached or a jury renders their verdict.


John Adkins and the team at Adkins Law Firm are highly skilled in all matters relating to personal injury cases in Atlanta. If you need to make a personal injury claim but are worried about taking on the lengthy and complex process alone, please contact us! Our attorneys have the relevant expertise to deal with your matter in a respectful way, maximizing the settlement amount that you’re entitled to receive as compensation for your injuries.

We aim to keep the life cycle of the claim period short, minimizing the anguish that understandably comes with the territory of making a personal injury claim in Atlanta. You can trust that we’ll take the time to guide you through this trying time. Contact John Adkins and the team on 404HURTLAW (404-487-8529), or send us a message at 404hurtlaw.com/contact-us/

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