Drivers who drive in Atlanta are always at risk of getting into an accident. Assume a case of an accident. This accident cost you a damaged vehicle and prolonged injuries. What should you do if you meet with a major crash? You find it hard to claim for injuries and damaged cars. What to do in such case scenarios? This article is about the same.

Get immediate medical attention.

If you become a victim in an Atlanta car accident, it is vital to seek medical attention. You can cause severe damage to your personal injury case by waiting to see a doctor. The insurance company claims adjusters will review your medical records. Based on that, they may deny your claims citing any gaps in treatment. This is why you should not wait. You may think your injuries are not severe if you wait to see a doctor after a car accident. The claim adjusters will not be able to use your injuries against you in court. If you see the doctor immediately, they won’t have any “ammo.” You should directly visit the hospital if you come across a best car accident lawyers in Atlanta GA.

Contact Department of Transportation

You met with an accident. If the police did not arrive on the scene, file a claim. Post that, call the driver’s accident report with the Atlanta, GA Department of Transportation. The time to do all this process is five days. You must file this report immediately. DOT could suspend your license if you don’t report the incident.

Atlanta car accident attorney

It is crucial to contact an experienced attorney in car wreck cases immediately. This will help you win your personal injury case. It is most important to contact them as soon as possible. The longer your lawyer reviews the technical aspects of the case, the better your lawsuit will be. The statute of limitations is only valid for one week. This makes the lawyer not prepare and research your case.

Follow Your Physical Therapy Program

Physical therapy is an integral part of the recovery process. The insurance adjusters may deny your claim in case you miss appointments. The claim adjusters will try to prove that you were not injured in the absence of treatment records.

Filing a Personal Injury Claims within the Statute of Limitations

This is the most critical step in winning your case. In case of delayed documentation, authorities may dismiss your case. You won’t be eligible to seek financial damages. Georgia allows the victims to submit personal injury claims within two years of the accident. You have the best chance of winning your case by contacting a lawyer immediately and filing a claim.

If you or your loved one met with an accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. He will help to maximize your chances of winning your case. You will be a suitable candidate for compensation for your injuries.

Quick Reference

Putting all your ducks together can be challenging after a severe accident. It isn’t easy to take in all the information and do everything in a short time to prepare for your case. To help you stay on track, we’ve condensed and simplified the above information.

1. Seek immediate medical attention to determine the extent of your injuries. Also, show adjustors that you get hurt.

2. If the police did not investigate the case, DOT could file a Driver’s Accident Report.

3. Connect with 404 Hurt Law to increase the chances of winning the case immediately.

4. Follow the doctor’s therapy plan to ensure that the claim adjusters don’t have any chance to deny your claim.

5. To be eligible for legal action, you must file your personal injury case within two years. Your chances of winning are more significant if you file your claim sooner than others.

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