Preparing for a deposition in Atlanta, Georgia

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In the unfortunate event that you’re injured in an accident of any kind and another party is able to be found liable for your injuries, you will likely be entitled to compensation. Though it sounds like a straightforward process, insurance companies and at-fault parties can attempt to make the process very difficult, so they can minimize the amount of money they will be required to pay you. In an effort to ensure that you receive a just outcome for your personal injury case, you may be required to sit for a deposition.

A deposition is essentially part of the discovery process associated with filing a personal injury lawsuit. It involves both sides exchanging information and asking questions of involved parties or witnesses who may have valuable information about the accident. All persons participating will be required to swear an oath, meaning that they are compelled to tell the truth and have all of their evidence recorded with the possibility of the recording being able to be used later in court. A deposition can only take place with notice from either party, meaning that if you are going to be the subject of a deposition, you will have time to prepare with your legal team.


We recommend that you attend the deposition dressed as if you are testifying in court. Your presentation and demeanor at the deposition is incredibly important. With this being said, you must remember to remain as calm as possible throughout the duration of the deposition.

The opposing side’s attorney will likely ask you questions that are intended to cause pressure or stress, but it is imperative that you remain level-headed. Equally as important is that you do not make any attempt to answer questions to which you do not truly and confidently know the answers. It is best to only answer the question that is directly asked of you.

After the deposition has concluded, all parties will be sent a transcript of the proceedings and asked to review for errors. Following this, your attorney will discuss with you how the evidence collected at the deposition may be used at trial.

John Adkins and the team at 404-Hurt Law Firm are leaders in the field of Atlanta personal injury claims. Our dedicated attorneys work hard and go to extreme lengths to track down all necessary evidence and witnesses so that we’re able to properly advocate for your rights in your personal injury case.

We promise to take the time necessary to develop a tailored approach for your trial. Our attorneys have significant trial experience and they know how to present a case compellingly to a jury. We understand that the key to a successful trial is to go in with a strong strategy, so we’ll represent your case in a way that will be compelling, while simultaneously avoiding attempts by the other side to reduce your ability to be compensated fairly.

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