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Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer Atlanta, GA

If you or your loved one have been injured as a pedestrian by a car or any vehicle due to the negligence of driver. We can help you in an Atlanta pedestrian accident case, learn more about your rights. You should schedule a free consultation with our legal team to discuss your pedestrian accident case. We will listen to your story and explain what we can to do to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer can help you get justice and compensation for your injuries. If you was injured in a pedestrian accident, it is important to consult with a qualified Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer. Contact our law firm 404 Hurt Law today for a free consultation. We have experience dealing with insurance companies and negotiating the settlement you deserve.

Collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists have reached over 2,500 incidents a year around the City of Atlanta. Of those incidents, around 26 percent result in death or serious injury. The Atlanta streets are dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians.

This is due to the lack of designated cycling lanes, and this coupled with the epidemic of distracted driving and texting while driving has resulted in drivers not seeing a cyclist or pedestrian.

Crosswalks are where most of these accidents take place. If you are looking for a Pedestrian wreck lawyer in Atlanta then call 404HURTLAW (404-487-8529).

What To Do If You Are Injured:

It is imperative that you seek medical attention if you are injured. Call the police and get a police report for the collision. Take pictures if you are able and get the contact information of any witnesses at the scene.


Call 404HURTLAW (404-487-8529) and our dedicated attorneys can fight for you and get you the justice and compensation that you deserve. The insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible for your injuries and they never take into account the future medical expenses and pain and suffering you will likely experience have from your injuries. Adkins Law Firm, LLC knows how to handle the insurance companies, and we don’t let them take advantage of injured pedestrians or bicyclists in the State of Georgia. If you live in Metro Atlanta area, then we are very close to you at our office in Midtown Atlanta. Don’t let negligent drivers ruin your life and livelihood. Call 404HURTLAW and let us get in the fight for you! Contact us right away, time is of the essence!



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