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How Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Are Serving Atlanta Victims

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The motorcycle offers the speed and thrill that no other vehicle can. It offers a sense of freedom but has its own set of risks as well. Accidents are a factor that is associated with the interstates of a city like Atlanta. If you come across the tally of the road accidents of the bikers, you’ll get surprised. As a renowned name in the Motorcycle Accident Attorney Atlanta category, we get such cases regularly and understand the severity of these cases.

Motorcycle accidents are more prone to fatalities or even accident-caused injuries. If you or your loved one got an injury in a motorcycle accident, connect with the motorcycle accident attorney in Atlanta at 404HurtLaw.

What is the liability of the insurance company legally for motorcycle accidents?

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The insurance company tries to prove the fault of the motorcyclist in any collision. Although, numerous cases prove the fault of car drivers for the collisions. As an experienced Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney, we know how to get the real side of the story come to the surface and how to hold the negligent car driver to hold responsible.

Usually, motorcyclists drive with proper caution as they know that in case of an accident or collision, they would be at a loss as they are more prone to injuries and a high risk of fatalities as well. This feeling makes them more precautious as the driver.

In the case of a motorcyclist losing control in avoiding the car that turned in front of him, the car’s driver used to be the culprit. The same is the case when the motorcyclist falls in another lane in an attempt to avoid the car that is changing the lane. In these cases, the car driver can be held responsible.

As an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney, we hold the car drivers responsible when they cause an accident. Usually, the major reason for any collision is the negligence of the car driver.

How does Motorcycle Accident Attorney Atlanta can hold car driver responsible in the trial?

As an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney, we make the jury understand that the motorcyclists are more at risk and deserve the same degree of protection by the law. People find it costly to ride a car so they chose a motorcycle as a mode of convenient conveyance. One should respect the choice of that mode of commutation.

We present the witnesses to testify in a way that helps the jury to understand the humanitarian side of the case in favor of the client. Having the motorcyclist’s perspective can ease down the case to understand and offer a significant amount of compensation to the motorcyclists?

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Damages Motorcycle Accident Injuries Case

Motorcycle accidents are devastating. They break the morale of not just the victim but the entire family and people closely attached to him. A person who is lying down in bed for a few months doesn’t get relieved from the expense of routine life like the food, commutation, school fees of the children, and other liabilities. In addition to that, the loss of pay because of absenteeism is adding mental stress to it.

The loss of pay, failing to deliver the prior commitments and newly added medical bills are piling on the mental stress and trauma.

As a motorcycle accident lawyer, we help the victim rebuild his life. Get paid for what he suffered and lead a life of convenience and financial stability. As a Car accident lawyer in Atlanta GA, we find it imperative to make our client regain the same quality of life, once he gets over the bed and moves on his feet.

As a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Atlanta, We ensure to restore the normal life to the victim and secure a significant compensation amount.

In the capacity of a motorcycle accident attorney in Atlanta GA, we use the skillset, knowledge, and experience to get the maximum amount for the victims of the accident. When insurance companies refuse to offer a reasonable amount, we challenge them in the court of law and get a seven-figure settlement for the motorcyclist we help.

404-Hurt Law As a reputable and experienced motorcycle accident attorney Atlanta knows how to deal with such insurance companies and let them get their fair share of injured motorcyclists in the state of Georgia.

Don’t let negligent drivers ruin your Quality of Life and livelihood, connect with us at the earliest because time is crucial!!

The role of Motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta

Motorcycle accident lawyers in Atlanta are experienced legal professionals who represent individuals who have been involved in motorcycle accidents and have suffered injuries as a result. These lawyers work to ensure that their clients receive the compensation they are entitled to for their injuries, damages, and losses. They work with insurance companies, negotiate settlement agreements, and if necessary, represent their clients in court. Motorcycle accident Attorneys in Atlanta are knowledgeable about the laws and regulations surrounding motorcycle accidents and are skilled at navigating the legal process to get their clients the justice and compensation they deserve.

Call 404HurtLaw (404) -487-8529 to get adequate support in case of a motorcycle accident and our dedicated Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Atlanta will secure you a fair and handsome amount as compensation for the pain and misery you have been through.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An experienced motorcycle accident Attorney will help you assess your case and fight for the maximum compensation. You may be eligible for payment for past, present, and future medical expenses.

Motorcycle are more likely to be seriously hurt in crashes due to the absence of a vehicle structure that protects them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle made up only 3 percent in all US registered vehicles. However, they accounted for 15% of all traffic fatalities and 18% of all occupant fatalities (driver and passengers), and 4 percent each of all vehicle injuries.

According to NHTSA, only 0.7% of all vehicle miles travelled in the United States in the past year was due to motorcycles. Motorcycle were five times more likely to sustain injuries and to die in crashes per vehicle mile than passengers.

NHTSA states that motorcycle Attorney are more popular on roads because they are more attractive than cars and are cheaper to purchase and operate. More people choose to ride their motorcycles even in the colder months of the year, as gas prices rise. Increasing motorcycle use and increasing traffic increases the risk of serious Motorcycle Accident Attorney Atlanta.

Georgia gives you two years to file your case before the court. Your case can be settled before or after this time. The statute of limitations is a two-year clock that can be tolled or stopped. The clock will pause until payment if the driver involved in the motorcycle accident is cited by police. If the driver is facing criminal charges, the clock will pause.

You must notify the appropriate agency or department within a specified time frame if the defendant is a city, county or state.

The duration of a motorcycle accident case in Atlanta GA can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the willingness of the parties involved reaching a settlement. It can take anywhere from several months to several years to resolve a case.

This complicates hit-and-run cases. If you cannot identify the driver, it is difficult to prove that they were at fault. Your insurance company may also challenge the amount you seek in damages. This situation can be handled by our experienced lawyers. If you have uninsured motorcycle coverage, we can help you file a claim. Our lawyers will help you navigate the process to obtain the maximum amount of compensation.

A lawyer is a good idea for motorcycle accident injuries. A lawyer can help you maximize your recovery if you sustain serious injuries in a motorcycle accident. An experienced lawyer who specializes in bike accidents will assess the value of your case, and help you get the most compensation from your insurance company for your pain and suffering.


Call 404HURTLAW and our dedicated attorneys can fight for you and get you the justice and compensation that you deserve. The insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible for your injuries and they never take into account the future medical expenses and pain and suffering you will likely experience have from your injuries. Adkins Law Firm, LLC knows how to handle the insurance companies, and we don’t let them take advantage of injured motorcyclists in the State of Georgia. If you live in Metro Atlanta area then we are very close to you at our office in Midtown Atlanta. Don’t let negligent drivers ruin your life and livelihood. Call 404-HURT-LAW and let us get in the fight for you! Contact us right away, time is of the essence!



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