How to prove damages in a personal injury case in Atlanta GA

personal injury case

If you’re injured in an accident of any kind in Georgia and you’re able to pursue a personal injury case against a party, you will need to prove that damages have occurred in order to be entitled to full compensation from a liable party. Damages are funds paid to a successful plaintiff after an out-of-court negotiation or a courtroom trial where it has been determined that a liable party should financially compensate the injured plaintiff for all losses related to the accident.

What can be covered by damages?

Economic or special damages refer to damages with fixed monetary figures. Such damages will be paid to compensate for all current and future medical expenses such as hospital attendances, medications, physical and psychological therapies and medical equipment, as well as existing and future expected lost wages as a result of a reduced earning capacity, property damages and any other cost deemed to be related to the accident.

Non-economic or general damages include circumstances that do not have fixed monetary values, such as pain and suffering, emotional anguish and trauma, loss of enjoyment of life as a result of disability, trauma, or wrongful death.

What proof do I need?

In order to claim compensation for economic or special damages, it is essential that you are able to prove the exact amount of the damages you have suffered. Evidence of economic or special losses will need to be provided as proof to make the process of calculating your settlement total as simple as possible. This means retaining all receipts, invoices and bills from medical or therapeutic practitioners, as well as providing pay stubs and bank statements to prove what your former earning capacity was before the accident.

Proving non-economic or general damages can be a little more tricky and will require an experienced lawyer to advocate for you on your behalf against an insurance company. The proof that you will be required to show will largely depend on the severity of the accident you were involved in. You will generally be required to prove the extent to which the injury has had a negative impact upon your life, and this will have a direct impact upon the total settlement amount you may end up receiving.

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