How To Deal with Insurance Companies After a Wreck


Getting into a motor vehicle collision or car accident is a frightening and terrifying experience, especially on Atlanta’s roads and freeways. That is why it is important to know your rights and make sure you take the correct steps to ensure that you protect yourself, your family, and your claim against the insurance company.

The following are some short and easy-to-remember tips from Adkins Law Firm that can guide you through an unfortunate experience, such as a motor vehicle accideent. 404-Hurt Law is your Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer!


It’s okay to report the accident to the authorities.

It is important that you call the police immediately after an accident, especially if there are injured persons or if you are injured. The police and paramedics need to get there as soon as possible so the earlier that you call them then the earlier they will get there. When the police arrive, tell them your side of the story of the events that took place, and try to make sure that your version of the events are reflected in the police report or that the police officer writes down your statement. By giving your side of the events and making sure that the correct facts are in the police report, it will help ensure that the police report is written up accurately, which will reduce potential harm to you and your case.


It’s okay to call the insurance company and report your property damage.

Don’t be afraid to call your insurance company and file a claim for your property damage. If your car is damaged beyond repair, or if it is damaged but repairable then you should still file a claim, so that you can begin the process of replacing or repairing your car. Your bodily injuries should also be reported to the insurance company, but you should speak with your personal injury attorney, John Adkins and his team, before you discuss the details of your injuries with the insurance companies. John Adkins is your Auto Accident Attorney in Atlanta.


DO NOT make a recorded statement about your injuries to the insurance company.

Whether it is your insurance company or the other party’s insurance company, DO NOT make any recorded statements to them about your bodily injuries. Your legal insurance company and the other party’s insurance company is not on your side and they want to pay out as little money as possible for any injuries you have sustained. You can discuss the car/property damage with them, but DO NOT discuss your bodily injuries. Tell the insurance company that you have an attorney handling your personal injuries and give them your attorney, John Adkins’ information. He is The Atlanta Car Accident Attorney. The ONLY time you should make a recorded statement is if your Attorney is on the call with you.


Obtain Your Police Report 3-5 Days Post-Accident for Seamless Insurance Claim Setup.

t is very important that you get a copy of the police report for your records. The report is typically available after 3 days, but you should not wait longer than 5 days to get the report. You can go down to the police department and get a copy of the report or you can get it online a website that allows you to get your police report online for a nominal fee. Once you get this report, you need to read it and make notes on what is accurate and what you believe are inaccuracies on the report. Create a file for all your records and keep the police report in that file. You will need to give the police report to your attorney, John Adkins. John is your Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer.


Capture Crucial Witness Details for Insurance Claims After an Accident

At the time of the accident, if you are able you need to speak to the witnesses at the scene of the accident. Ask them if you may get their contact information, such as their phone number or email address. Their information will be needed so that your attorney, 404-Hurt Law, can contact them and get their account of the events of the scene.

This is important because sometimes the police officer will leave witnesses off of the report or the officer will not put the witnesses’ contact information in the report. If there are more than one witnesses, it could be that each witness has a different view of what happened, so you will need to give this information to your attorney, John Adkins, so he can speak with each of the witnesses to get their observations and testimony for your case.

By following these few reminders, you will protect yourself, your family, and your case, so that you can receive the justice and compensation that you deserve. Call attorney John Adkins for help with your motor vehicle wreck case. The Atlanta Car Accident Attorney!

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