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Road accidents leave scars on the body, mind, and sometimes, soul. The accidents are dreadful in the sense that the post-accident effects are life-changing. The normal physical functions get changed. Normal routine life’s routine and simple work activities seem tedious and hard to accomplish.

We remove these scars from your mind and soul. We are your accident attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve to compensate for the pain and suffering you had because of someone else’s misdeeds on the roads.

All you need to do is call us to get the immediate legal remedy. We help you deal with the insurance company and the other parties involved in the car wreck. We cannot heal the pain and mental trauma, but we can help you rebuild your life once you get over the accident and help you to leave behind the scars of the daunting accident.

If any of your near and dear ones have met with any road accident, feel free to connect with one of the best accident attorneys, 404HurtLaw. We can handle and deal with the complexities of all kinds of accidents and get you to win the compensation you deserve. US Legal Service

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We are recommended and appraised as one of the best car accident attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia. We handle every accident case with the utmost care, concern and commitment. We strive to offer you relief with the help of legal remedial services, which are considered value-adding.

At 404HurtLaw, we have the best-in-class lawyers who are the best negotiators and can convince the jury in favor of the client. We are skilled, experienced and caring to our clients. We are 404HurtLaw.
What makes us different is the way of selection of cases. We adopt the cases based on merit. We select less number of cases to study in a better and more focused way to convince the jury in your favor with more conviction.

We are the experts on car accidents, truck accidents, motor accidents, and personal injury.

Feel free to call us at 404-487-8529 for a free consultation.





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    Frequently Asked Question

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    The average settlement for lower back injuries, such as sprains or strains, is between $10,000 to $50,000. Better lawyering and specific facts can result in larger settlements.

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    Not until your vehicle has been inspected. Even if there are only a few scratches on your vehicle, it is still important to have it inspected by an auto mechanic before you drive the vehicle as usual.

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    Four elements are required for every personal injury case. If the plaintiff can prove that all four elements have been met, the jury will likely award them just compensation for their injuries. These elements include duty, breach, causation and damages.

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    Driver error is the most common cause of motor vehicle accidents, including those involving trucks, cars and motorcycles. You and your family can be in an accident at any moment. Understanding the behavior of other drivers and the common causes of auto accidents can help keep you safe.

    Common causes of accidents

    1. Distracted Driving
    2. Driving Under the Influence
    3. Aggressive and Reckless Driving
    4. Drowsy Driving
    5. Speeding etc.

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    Many car accident lawyers offer free consultations, and some may work on a pro bono basis for clients who cannot afford their services. You can also look into legal aid organizations in your area.

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    To prove fault, you must prove that one of the entities involved broke the law, causing the accident and showing negligence – for example, that the truck driver ran a red light, or that the truck company fired an unqualified driver hired out.

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    Failure to yield, intoxication and alcohol consumption; emotional distress; poor vision; roadway interference; running off the road; crossing over; roadway interference; bad weather are some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in Atlanta.

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    Although it is impossible to accurately value your claim you can make an estimate. Your economic damages include your medical costs, lost wages, the cost of providing help around your home and physical therapy.

    Add these losses together and use a multiplier of 1-1.5 to moderate injuries, and up to 5 to severe cases to account pain and suffering. It is also important to evaluate the defendant’s financial resources and ability to pay.