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If you have been injured in a car accident in Atlanta, our experienced car accident lawyers can help. We will fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation.

Atlanta is emerging as the busiest town in America. With the second busiest international to its credit, Atlanta is blessed with speedy motorways. Millions of passerby go through these motorways and some pass by the heart of the town as well. In that case, the chances are on a higher side in Atlanta.

Accidents are dreadful. An accident can change life/lives forever. The victim may survive chronic injuries or suffer wrongful death. The excruciating pain of the injuries won’t let you or your loved ones sleep but a credible and seasoned car accident lawyer Atlanta, GA may help you out.

Accidents change everything. If the victim survives or not. In case of the wrongful death and in case of the surviving injuries of the patient, 404 Hurt Law makes sure that the victim gets justice.

Justice in the form of compensation can only heal the financial injury but the pain and the mental trauma goes unnoticed.

We cover that aspect first. We deal with hundreds of such cases, hence we are experienced enough to understand the pain and mental trauma of the patient as well as his/her family. The monetary compensation includes that unnoticed issues also.

Car Accident

404 Hurt Law is your trusted legal partner who can stand by your side to get your right to compensation intact and cover your accident caused medical bills and loss of pay. A Car wreck Lawyer Atlanta can fetch you fast, complete and justified justice. 404 Hurt Law knows the intensity of the pain and put an aggressive claim to the insurance companies.

An accident not just put the person on bed, but pile up the unnecessary and avoidable huge medical bills plus loss of pay is another aspect, adding to the irony. No income and loads of uninvited extravagances!!

Without a car accident attorney Atlanta, you might get unease to pursue your case and get a fair compensation. We get you calculate, represent and get what you lose in the accident, because we are always there by your side, we are 404-Hurt Law.

Why do you need a Car Wreck Lawyer in Atlanta?

Insurance companies are profit-organizations. They won’t let you get what you demand as compensation. They try to minimize and even deny your claim by trapping you in your own statements. Only an auto accident lawyers in Atlanta, GA can play with words and have proper negotiations to get you a respectable amount of compensation. John W. Adkins is considered as one of the most credible car accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA.

Car wreck atlanta GA

How can an auto accident lawyer help you?

Injuries can break the morale. Loss of pay plus uninvited medical bills plus the damage to the property proved to be troublesome for the victim, who is a patient.

It may prolong the recovery, enhancing the overall cost of treatment and may lend you up in a state of severe depression. Physical parameters can measure the vital physical health but what about the mental stress of the victim and his/her family?
404 Hurt Law bring that under the umbrella of compensation. We hold the culprit accountable for all the unease you face and get you appropriate and decent amount.

We document your crucial case papers and represent your case in the court.

We negotiate the insurance company and cover all the expenses.

We put our best efforts, energy and money to make the process swift and transparent.

We let you focus on the faster recovery with taking every possible care of your lawsuit in the court.

We stand by you – at every step of the case, because we are 404 Hurt Law.

Get a Free Consultation with a Car Wreck Lawyer Georgia

Getting an appropriate and right advice is what makes the difference in any process, same applies to the lawsuits. A good auto accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA can proved to be vital for the success of your Lawsuit. 404 Hurt Law is one such process-oriented law firm who supports the victims to get their compensation. We help you because we believe in you. some steps to take after a car accident.

Car Wreck Lawyer Atlanta

Things to Do After Car Accident in Atlanta!

Immediate Medical Support: Undoubtedly, seeking help from a medical doctor should be your first action, after you met with an accident. Call 911 for medical assistance, get evaluated for the injuries and your state of well-being.

Data is important: Gather all the important data of the parties involved in the accident. The relevant data includes the driver’s name, his license number, insurance information etc. The witness available on the site of accident with their contact details, including mobile number, mail id and home address.

Call Police: You injuries are even minor, call the police. Your claim get supported by the police report in the court of law, as it is admissible and hard to get rejected.

Take Pictures of the accident site: Take images as much as possible. It will safeguard your case by capturing the different angles, so as to cover the overall damage and intensity of the accident. This improves your win percentage by a big margin in the court of law.

Connect 404 Hurt Law: 404Hurt Law is among the top 100 National Trial Attorneys in the United States. We represent you in the best of our capacity and we are capable enough to earn you the decent compensation for your injuries.

The Compensation You Deserve Post Atlanta Car Accident

The law allows the victim to seek compensation for the following damages:

  • The Pain and Sufferings
  • The Disability
  • Lost Earnings
  • Lost Wages
  • Hospitalization and Treatment Cost
  • Loss of Quality of Life

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Category: Car Wreck

A car accident attorney can provide a range of legal services to help you with your case, including investigating the accident, gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and representing you in court. They can also provide you with guidance and support throughout the legal process and can work to ensure that your rights are protected at all times.

Category: Car Wreck

Your auto accident lawyer must first establish the facts. These facts will include the amount of your injuries, lost time at work, and whether the accident caused permanent injury or scarring. There are no two auto accidents the same. Talk to your attorney about your case to determine how much they may be able to help you.

Category: Car Wreck

In some cases, this can take between 45-60 days. After that, your lawyer and you will file a personal injuries claim with the insurance company of the other driver and wait for their response. The demand letter will detail your damages and be sent to the other driver’s insurance company.

Category: Car Wreck

In 2020 or 2021, the law regarding whiplash claims will be changed. As it stands now, you’d get approximately $4004.88 and up to around $6007.32. It is possible that it will be reduced to just a few hundred Dollar once the new laws have been passed.

Category: Car Wreck

Yes, especially after an accident involving an automobile. These injuries can include broken bones, significant disfigurement, restricted use of an organ or body function, and injuries that cause disability. These injuries are compensate able and can be maximized by a personal injury lawyer. A skilled attorney will guide you through the often confusing claims process and ensure that your claim receives the right amount of compensation.

Category: Car Wreck

After a car accident, it is best to consult an experienced accident lawyer before making the decision to sue. Most cases can be settled without going to court, as litigation can take many years and cost a lot. Atlanta Georgia Accident Lawyers handles cases involving serious injury that require significant insurance. We also have the ability to establish liability against the at-fault party.

Category: Car Wreck

It is always a wise decision to hire a lawyer as your representative. You might not know if you should hire a lawyer after a car accident. Car accidents or Car Wreck can be more complicated than they seem on the surface. However, there might be a case that is relatively straightforward and you feel you are able to handle it on your own. You should speak with a lawyer immediately after an accident, regardless of whether this is your case.

404 Hurt Law can be reached at 404-487-8529. The consultation is completely free with us. Many people in Atlanta, GA have been helped by us to get fair settlements in car accident cases. You can then decide whether you want to hire someone to assist you in obtaining the best compensation for your accident.

Car Wreck Lawyer Atlanta

First, you need to decide whether or not you wish to have an attorney represent your case in a car accident. Statistics show that people who are representing themselves in car accident cases are paid less than those who have a lawyer. Because they know that lawyers are more likely to win cases, insurance agents will try to settle the matter with you before you hire a wreck attorney. There are situations when it may be more advantageous to settle your case on your own. To prepare your case for this route, you should consult all resources, including this book by 404 Hurt law.

Even if you feel confident representing yourself, there are some situations where it is a good idea to hire a lawyer.
If you are sustained serious injuries or property damage as a result of the accident.

  • The accident may have been caused by more than one party.
  • The insurance company offered you a lower price than you would get from an attorney.
  • Accident was caused by negligence or actions of a corporation or government agency.
  • The accident caused injuries or death of a loved one.

An experienced car accident lawyer can help you get the highest settlement amount. These lawyers have years of experience that is unmatched by most others who do not practice law professionally.

Hire a lawyer immediately if you decide that a lawyer would be the right choice. It is important to weigh your options and not rush to make a decision. However, it is better to hire a lawyer sooner than later. Your case is important and your lawyer should be involved as soon as possible. They can assist you in gathering information about medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle repairs, and other costs. They will be able show you if injuries get worse or if it costs more to fix or repair than expected. They will be there to help you with your insurance company. Insurance agents will continue to contact you with their constant attempts to lower your settlement and get you settled quickly. The amount they offer will be only a fraction of the help a lawyer can provide. Before you ever speak with an insurance company, it is important to consult your lawyer.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer – 404 Hurt Law

You have been in an accident with an auto after you feel safe and sound, you should consider whether you will need a lawyer. You may be able to represent yourself in certain situations. Attorney representation is essential for serious accidents and accidents that have multiple causes. It is better to hire a lawyer immediately than wait until the case has been resolved. 404 Hurt Law is available to help you if you decide to hire an attorney.

For a free consultation, contact us at 404-487-8529 or email to speak with an attorney about your case.

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Yes, our legal fees are contingent-based. This means that you don’t pay anything unless you get a settlement or win a trial. We charge 33.33% of the settlement amount in most accident cases. If the case is complicated or we file a lawsuit, our fee may go up to 40%. We never charge more than 45% like some lawyers. We can only get 40% of what we win for you.

Category: Car Wreck

According to the Insurance Information Institute in 2021, the average personal injury and car accident case settled for USA $18,417. In the same year, the average settlement for property damage in car accidents was $4,525.

Category: Car Wreck

Although it is your right to call a lawyer, sometimes it may be beneficial to seek legal assistance. You may need an attorney if you have been injured and suspect the other person might seek compensation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about possible cases.

Category: Car Wreck

Are you a passenger in an Auto accident? Do you know what you should do? While each case is different depending on the circumstances and relationships, injured passengers have rights. To be able to heal from your injuries, you have the right to receive compensation from the negligent driver/drivers. A skilled Auto Accident Lawyer Atlanta GA the 404 Hurt law Team will help you get the compensation you are entitled as a passenger who was injured in a car crash. 404 Hurt Law has secured millions of dollars in compensation for victims of car accidents. We will work tirelessly to ensure that the negligent party is held accountable and that the insurance company offers the client the settlement they need and deserve. Call us at 404-487-8529 to discuss your case.

What should I do if I am injured as a passenger in an auto accident?

In a car accident, things can get confusing for passengers. It is unlikely that you, the passenger, are responsible for the accident. You should be allowed to claim damages for injuries even if you did not do any wrong. Who is responsible for these damages? What can you do to pursue them?

There may be multiple options for you if you are a passenger in an accident. How you get coverage and who is responsible for your injuries will depend on who caused the accident and how closely you are related.

Remember that you might not be able to determine who was at fault for an accident immediately following it occurs. Even if one driver is deemed to be completely at fault, it is important to gather the contact information and insurance information for all drivers involved in an accident. This will ensure that you can file a claim against the correct parties when it comes time to do so.

The Other Driver

You could file a claim against the insurance policy of the other driver if you were in the car with another driver and cause an accident. This third-party claim is on the liability coverage of the other driver. This claim is subject to the policy limits of the driver. There is a maximum policy limit per person and a maximum per accident. If you are not the only one injured in an accident, you won’t likely receive compensation equal to your claim.

Your Driver

You can file a claim against the insurance policy of your driver if you are injured in an accident caused in part by another driver. Georgia have tort states. Unlike no-fault states that require drivers to have personal injury protection or medical payments insurance plans, Atlanta, GA are not required to. Passenger claims against drivers without this coverage will be handled through their body injuries coverage.

Other options

In the event of an accident in which both drivers are found to be at fault, you may be eligible to file claims against each driver’s insurance policies. Georgia are states with comparative fault. Both drivers can be held responsible for a portion of the blame or responsibility in a Car Wreck Lawyer where one driver is the primary driver and the other driver contributed. If the accident lawyer was caused by one driver, and the other driver was 15% at fault, the passenger can sue the first driver for 85% and the second driver for 15%.

As a passenger, the last option is to file a claim at your insurance company. Although many people resist this idea, it might still be an option that you should consider in your particular situation. It’s affordable, doesn’t require deductibles and won’t raise your premium rates. If you have optional medical payment–or Med Pay–coverage, or underinsured driver coverage, your own insurance can help. These plans can help to fill in any gaps that are left by drivers’ insurance policies if your damages exceed these limits.

Auto Accident & Car Wreck Lawyer Atlanta GA | 404 Hurt Law

It is crucial that you understand your rights and options to receive compensation if you are hurt while riding in a car as a passenger. A reputable car accident lawyer firm is necessary to help you understand how to file your claim, and get the maximum compensation. 404 Hurt Law has the experience to handle even complex and challenging car accident cases. We are experts in car accidents and will not hesitate to ask for what you owe.

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If you have been injured in a car accident in Atlanta, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. This will help ensure that you meet any legal deadlines for filing a claim and can help you build a strong case for compensation.

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We serves in car wrecks, truck accidents and other personal injury accidents. We are just a call away. Our proficient Auto Accident Lawyer Atlanta will consult your case with utmost priority and sheer attentiveness. We are 404 Hurt Law, for you and with you in your way to a decent and respectful compensation.

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