The trucking industry is on the rise in the US with newer and advanced modes of transport. It is because trucks are considered the optimal choice to transport goods across the US. It accounts for more than 70% of the goods transport. Major cities like Atlanta depend on the same for the town’s product-based GDP. For a smoother and easy transport, some of the interstate highways passes through the crowded towns like Atlanta. Three interstate highways converge in Atlanta, that is, I-20, I-75 & I-85. Heavy sized trucks result in traffic jams and sometimes cause fatal accidents.
Truck accidents are catastrophic and may cost fatal injuries and a colossal sum of monetary losses. The heavyweight trucks prove disastrous as they nearly crush the colliding vehicle like anything. Truck accidents are unpredictable. Anyone can face the ferocious impacts on the lives of the victims. So, one should consider below mentioned points if one met with a truck accident.

1. Call the Police

Call 911. The Police respond immediately. They will know the number of people involved in the accident to arrange medical assistance on the site. Get a police report. It is the official legal document and helps you in claiming the

2. Medical Help

Medical Help should be the next priority after 911. A medical doctor can examine and verify the injuries. Some of the injuries are long-lasting. Some are hidden and may surface over a period of time. A medical report is another supporting document that may help.

3. Document the evidence

Collect as much documented evidence as possible from the site of the accident. It includes photographs and other relevant information to put a strong case in the court of law.

It involves some of the following information:

  • The other driver’s name, address, contact details
  • The details of the employer of the truck driver.
  • The witness and their testimonies.
  • All the additional required information, including the photographs of the wrecked car.

4. Vehicle appraisal is essential. Get it done

Sometimes, the vehicle gets internal damage which may become evident later. These damages are hard to find by the naked eye or without specialist inspection. It is imperative to get your vehicle appraised at priority. Insurance companies try to slash the compensation amount to a significant low.

5. Words are crucial: Use them judiciously

In the capacity of a Truck Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, GA, we see cases of truck accidents regularly. Hence, we advise you to speak sensibly. If you are not in the perfect senses, avoid talking to anyone. Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney advises you to discuss it first with the truck accident attorney.

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