Typical Life Cycle of a Personal Injury Case in Atlanta, Georgia


While personal injury cases are unique to the circumstances under which the injured party finds themselves, it is important for you to be aware about the general timelines of events for a typical personal injury claim. These steps are a guide only and we always recommend that individual legal advice and representation is sought for […]

Preparing for a deposition in Atlanta, Georgia

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In the unfortunate event that you’re injured in an accident of any kind and another party is able to be found liable for your injuries, you will likely be entitled to compensation. Though it sounds like a straightforward process, insurance companies and at-fault parties can attempt to make the process very difficult, so they can […]

How to prove damages in a personal injury case in Atlanta GA

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If you’re injured in an accident of any kind in Georgia and you’re able to pursue a personal injury case against a party, you will need to prove that damages have occurred in order to be entitled to full compensation from a liable party. Damages are funds paid to a successful plaintiff after an out-of-court […]